Skills Training

skills trainingMany community organizations offer the skills training you need to find your path back to employment. Whether you need adult upgrading to brush up on some skills or are in pursuit of postsecondary education in a new field, Durham Region offers many different types of skills training to help you achieve your new career goals.

Employment Ontario Service Providers are located all over Durham, offering training programs such as literacy and basic skills, smart serve, W.H.M.I.S., and computer courses. The public can access these courses at no cost, providing a valuable resource to help you find your next career.

Several postsecondary institutions are located in Durham including universities and colleges. These schools offer over 200 programs combined, allowing for many options when decided which career is right for you.

This section also provides some useful links to apprenticeship searching tools and other online learning resources. If you are interested in potentially starting a business, please visit the Business Help page. You can also visit the Jobs First Durham Career Explorer to find out what jobs are currently in demand in Durham Region.

Many community agencies also have free information workshops. If you want or need specific training to help you find work, visit the Adult Upgrading page to learn about re-certification in your profession or trade.

Here is a printable PDF of the LBS Service Providers to help you get started.